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STEMAhead Some fun #STEM ideas to do at home (without screens) https://t.co/qrewm3NFua
STEMAhead Social-belonging exercise improves STEM outcomes for ESL students https://t.co/DHpz5nsiYL via @WSUNews
STEMAhead Black Families Rate Importance of CS as a Subject Higher -- THE Journal #coding #diversity #STEM https://t.co/CEVeCOaEpl
STEMAhead Interaction Is Important for Girls in #STEM https://t.co/U72NrEvakr #coding
STEMAhead I have been away from Twitter for a bit while 'pivoting" because of COVID19. Happy to announce my nonprofit is part… https://t.co/plgjVzMTty
STEMAhead RT @KidWind_Project: We are sad to report the 2020 National KidWind Challenge is Cancelled 😢 But for small bit of good news, we have launch…
STEMAhead RT @Stratasys: Do you have significant #3Dprinting capacity in your shop or service bureau and want to help with our #COVID19 response? Let…
STEMAhead RT @7GenGames: Get your kids to start counting in English and Spanish with our free app, Counting By 2 Languages AR! https://t.co/txmfu7Hn8z
STEMAhead RT @skcarter: New resources and webinar are being added to the Minnesota Online Teachers Network. Check it out! #MNCovidEDU #coronalearn #c
STEMAhead RT @skcarter: Great science resources for teachers, students, and families during #MNCovidEdu and #coronalearn. https://t.co/PSeiBruaFX